Smoking isn’t for everyone, and that’s why the weed edibles Hamilton, Ontario’s dispensaries sell are more popular than ever. Edibles provide an alternative experience to smoking, one that many cannabis consumers crave. Yet, when traffic and long lines stand between you and the edibles you love, you may decide to forego the entire experience. 


That’s why Rocky Mountain Quads provides its customers with express shipping of various cannabis products, including edibles. Whether you need gummies or THC-infused candies, rely on us to get them right to your doorstep as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know before ordering.

Why Buy Weed Edibles in Hamilton

Getting high and snacking are a match made in heaven — why not partake in both at the same time? Weed edibles are THC-infused treats that deliver the active compounds in cannabis directly through your digestive system. Weed edibles offer a different high than traditional flower products, but different doesn’t mean worse!


If you are looking for a unique, less intrusive means of getting high, it’s time for you to buy weed edibles in Hamilton. With edibles, you can get high wherever you are, without worrying about offending the non-smokers around you. That alone is enough reason for you to buy weed edibles in Hamilton, but there are also several more to consider:

Edibles are Healthier Than Smoking

Inhaling smoke is inherently bad for the human body. Therefore, it makes sense that eating edible THC would be far healthier than smoking flowers or vaping. Beyond the health effects, smoking can irritate the throat significantly, causing actual discomfort with prolonged use. If you are unable to smoke cannabis due to your health condition, edibles are a great alternative!

Edibles provide a longer-lasting high

Having to smoke once an hour or so to get high can get redundant and become a nuisance. With edibles, your high can last up to six hours in some cases. This means there is no need to dose again, even after you’ve been high for a huge portion of the day. For many, this benefit alone convinces them to switch from flowers to edibles.

Edibles Allow Controlled Dosage

When you smoke marijuana, it’s hard to know just how high you’re getting. That’s not a problem with edibles, as each package is clearly labeled, telling you how much THC is in each dose. This allows you to choose exactly how much THC enters your body, giving you complete control over your high. 

Shop Weed Edibles in Hamilton

Finding weed edibles in Hamilton has never been easier. You can get these wonderful products with just a few clicks with Rocky Mountain Quads. Visit our online store to get started.