Hashish, commonly known as hash, is a psychoactive compound that can be derived from cannabis plants. This cannabis product is extracted from the glands of cannabis plants, giving it powerful mind-altering effects that many users enjoy. Though, the extraction process is where things get interesting. 


Hash can be extracted and cured in several ways, but one that is rising in popularity is the “cold cure.” Rather than using heat to cure the hash, it is left around room temperature in a sealed container. This helps the substance cure without degrading it or encouraging evaporation. 


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What is Hash?

Hash has been produced by a variety of societies for several centuries. The process of extracting hash, unlike many other cannabis products, does not involve using solvents. Instead, the cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant strictly using heat and pressure. The end product of this process is known as “rosin.” The rosin is then cured using either hot or cold air. The curing process is designed to release gasses from within the rosin, without allowing oxygen to enter the substance. This boosts long-term stability and improves the substance’s flavor, potency, and aroma. 

What Does Cold Curing Mean?

Cold curing involves curing rosin in a sealed container at room temperature. The ideal temperature ranges from 60 to 70 degrees. This may be confusing because the process is called cold curing, but considering that warm curing involves temperatures above 90 degrees, referring to this form of curing as cold makes sense. 

Is Cold-Cured Hash Better?

Whether the cold-cure hash Hamilton dispensaries sell is better than warm-cured hash depends on your specific tastes. Some people prefer cold-cure hash because it is more stable and often will degrade less than warm-cured hash. It is also likely that cold-cured hash won’t separate over time, meaning it will be easier to consume in whichever form you prefer. 


For those smokers who like showing off their products before sharing them, cold-cured hash also has a pleasant aesthetic appeal. It looks very smooth and buttery, making it visually appealing to many stoners. Get your hands on some cold cure hash in Hamilton to see what we mean. 

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