Marijuana Dispensary With Canada Wide Shipping

Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2018. Since then, the culture has embraced this plant and its many wonderful uses. In their desire to provide Canadians with simple access to their products,  Canadian dispensaries have begun distributing products with Canada-wide shipping. 


This means marijuana lovers can order the products they enjoy from Rocky Mountain Quads, no matter where they are in the country. Our products are top-quality, and we do our best to provide the best possible Canada-wide shipping services for marijuana. 

What is Marijuana Delivery?

Marijuana delivery services offer the same services as retail dispensaries, except they conduct all or most of their business online. This means you can use a marijuana delivery service to obtain marijuana without ever entering a physical location. When you deal with the marijuana delivery services offered by Rocky Mountain Quads, you can get the products you need no matter where you are in Canada. 

Benefits of Canada-Wide Shipping

Some people do not have the time or desire to enter a cannabis dispensary physically. With services like Rocky Mountain Quads, the marijuana comes right to you! Thanks to our Canada-wide shipping policy, you don’t need to worry about being excluded from our delivery service due to your location. We gladly serve all regions of Canada with top-tier cannabis products. 

What Products Are Available Via Canada-Wide Shipping?

Any cannabis product that you would find in a physical dispensary can be purchased online via a marijuana delivery service. This includes flower products, like buds and shake, as well as edibles, like gummies and chocolates. Everything in-between is also included, so be sure to browse the Rocky Mountain Quads catalog to discover your next favorite brand! 

Is Marijuana Delivery Legal?

Yes! Because recreational marijuana use is legal, so is the distribution of cannabis products. That means there is no need to worry about the legality of placing an order for marijuana. You can comfortably order from wherever you are and consume the cannabis you love without offending the law. 

What Should I Order?

If you are not sure what product to order, we suggest you browse the Rocky Mountain Quads catalog to discover the options that are currently available. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products for purchase, and offer cannabis and cannabis derivatives in many forms. Some of the products you have the option to purchase include:


Flower is the most commonly known form of cannabis. When consuming flower, the actual leaves of the marijuana plant are burned and inhaled. There are many ways to enjoy flower, including bongs, joints, bowls, and more! Though, if you are opposed to inhaling smoke there are other options available to you. 


Vapes are a recent development in the cannabis industry. Using high-heat vaporizers, THC is vaporized in a small cartridge. The vapor can then be inhaled by the user, allowing them to consume reasonable amounts of THC vapor instantly. This is favorable for people who want an easier cannabis experience. 


Edibles are effective food items that contain THC and can be eaten by cannabis users. The high users get from edibles is somewhat different than what they would achieve through vaping or smoking, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. There are various types of edibles currently on the market, including gummies, candies, and more! 

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