Marijuana is a huge industry in Ontario, Canada. Ever since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized, countless people have visited a weed dispensary in Hamilton. But many of these people, if given the option, would never set foot in a weed dispensary in Hamilton. Not because they are opposed to cannabis products, but because they are not fond of waiting in traffic and standing in line until they can make their purchases. 


Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Quads offers a unique alternative to the weed dispensary in Hamilton. Even the best dispensary in Hamilton will require you to physically visit their retail location — with Rocky Mountain Quads, the cannabis products come right to you. We’ve been lauded as the fastest weed delivery in Hamilton by many, so locals can trust us to provide same-day shipping if they order within our service hours. 


If you are looking for an alternative to the weed dispensary in Hamilton, here’s what you need to know about Rocky Mountain Quads.

Express Shipping Direct to You

Nobody likes to wait longer than expected for the products they ordered to arrive. This is especially true for marijuana, which is often a necessary part of the cannabis user’s daily routine. That’s why we provide express shipping directly to your home or any other location. Our products are delivered via Canada Post, so expect them to arrive within 1-3 business days, unless there are service delays within the post. 

Easy to Order

To order from Rocky Mountain Quads, all you need to do is register an account and make a purchase. You can browse our selection of products without making an account, but having an account when you make a purchase allows us to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality of customer service in the future. While the local weed dispensary in Hamilton probably won’t require you to make an online account, trust that doing so actually improves the overall cannabis purchasing process! 

High-Quality Cannabis Products

As recreational marijuana has become more popular, consumers have become increasingly aware of the different levels of quality found across the market. And rightfully so — the quality of your marijuana certainly effects the experience granted by consumption, so it makes sense that avid users would be concerned about the overall quality of the products they purchase. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Quads is committed to maintaining relationships with the highest quality growers and suppliers. 


That means you can trust us to provide exceptional cannabis products at reasonable prices. Our products come in air-sealed packages with a 62% humidity pack to keep the product fresh. It’s these extra steps that really put our service a cut above the rest. 

Email Customer Support

Accidents happen, but when they do, we do our best to make it right. Whenever there is a mistake with your order, you can immediately reach out to Rocky Mountain Quads via email. To get in touch simply reach out for daily email customer support from our team of experts during weekdays! TEXT 289-244-0874 or email [email protected]


You can also reach out to share any other feedback you may have. If you are happy with our craft cannabis in Hamilton, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts. 

Packages Delivered Discreetly

Although you may be a proud cannabis consumer, there is a chance that you don’t want to publicly share your consumption of these products. For this reason, we always ship packages discreetly in unmarked packages. This also mitigates theft and other unwanted circumstances during the delivery process. 

Why Not Visit the Weed Dispensary in Hamilton?

If you prefer visiting dispensaries, we cannot stop you. Some people enjoy the in-person shopping experience. But if for any reason you are unable to make a visit to your favorite weed dispensary in Hamilton, Rocky Mountain Quads is always here to serve you the products you need. Depending on your location, same-day weed delivery may be available as well. 

Same-Day Weed Delivery in Hamilton

Our express shipping guarantees that any product order placed before 5 PM EST will be shipped that same day, right to your home. This relieves you of the burden of traveling to and from the weed dispensary in Hamilton, ensuring that you get the weed you need when you need it. Trust us when we say that there is truly no better quality same-day weed delivery in Hamilton.  

Why Not use Other Weed Delivery in Hamilton?

If you are an avid weed user in Canada, you have certainly heard about Pothub Hamilton delivery, Leafythings Hamilton delivery, and other weed delivery services that operate in Hamilton. So what should stop you from using them? 


Well, Rocky Mountain Quads is a much smaller company, so you can expect us to take greater care to deliver top-tier service to our customers. With larger brands, you risk becoming insignificant, something that our team will never allow to happen. Sure, try one of those other delivery services, but we are certain that you will be back to us in no time! 

Never Visit the Weed Dispensary in Hamilton Again

With Rocky Mountain Quads, you can make visits to the weed dispensary in Hamilton a thing of the past. Our agile team will package and deliver your order immediately, as long as you order within business hours. In certain cases, same-day delivery may even be available. 


So what are you waiting for? Place your order now to enjoy the benefits of our quick and orderly cannabis delivery service.