Smoking weed is more than a hobby for many. For those who have transcended hobbyist smoking, it becomes a lifestyle. Usually, these cannabis fanatics are looking for the best buds Hamilton has to offer. Fortunately, they can have them delivered right to their doorstep by buying from Rocky Mountain Quads. 

Quality Buds

You know when you are smoking low-quality buds. The experience is lackluster and your high is noticeably weak. Furthermore, the smoking process is often uncomfortable, with throat irritation, coughing, and significant discomfort. 


Some smokers don’t even need to light the weed on fire to identify its quality. They can do things like touch the flower, give it a sniff and examine its overall appearance to identify its potency and quality. These are the smokers that are buying the best buds in Hamilton from Rocky Mountain Quads, because our buds don’t need to be thoroughly investigated to ascertain that they are of the highest quality.

AAAA-Grade Weed

If you are looking for some of the best buds in Hamilton, you are likely in search of AAAA-grade weed or AAAAA-grade weed. These ratings are the top two levels of quality based on a ranking system that is becoming increasingly popular in North America. AAAA-grade weed is usually available from dispensaries, but not all marijuana delivery services have AAAA-grade or higher-rated weed in stock. 


Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Quads strives to maintain a diverse inventory of the best buds Hamilton can provide. With our high-quality strains, you don’t have to worry about having an unpleasant experience due to consuming a lackluster batch of weed. All of our products are lab-tested, meaning you can verify the quality on-demand right through our website. 

Have the Best Buds in Hamilton Delivered

The days of the traveling local weed man have passed. Though you can still have the best buds Hamilton could offer delivered straight to your home. By using a marijuana delivery service, you can get all of the marijuana products you desire right through the mail. In some instances, you can even arrange same-day delivery. 

Rocky Mountain Quads Has Your Back

A trustworthy cannabis supplier can be life-changing. We hope you start building a relationship with Rocky Mountain Quads. Our customers often praise our exceptional customer service and high-quality products. In fact, some smokers describe us as having some of the best buds Hamilton dispensaries could ever offer. 

Discounts and Loyalty Program

Our loyal customers often praise our discounts and loyalty program. We love giving back to the community, so we offer customers the opportunity to get a 15% discount on any purchase. To qualify, you simply need to collect ten business cards by making purchases of $60 dollars or more. This can be pretty handy, especially when you’re a heavy cannabis user! 


We also offer discounts on many items regularly. Usually, discounts are applied in our store, allowing you to see the discounted price before you put an item in your cart. If you have a discount code, those can be entered during checkout to lower the price of certain items. 

Buy the Best Buds in Hamilton

If you live for the best buds, don’t hesitate to shop with Rocky Mountain Quads. For years we have been supplying high-quality cannabis to the public, so you can trust us to take care of your marijuana needs. To start shopping, visit our online store now.