Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use was passed in Canada, a number of manufacturers have invested in creating unique products to fill the market. One increasingly popular product is the gas gang vape pen. Gas Gang Canada, which produces a variety of products lines, is the creator of the Gas Gang vape pen. 


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Why Buy a Vape Pen?

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking flower. Rather than inhaling the smoke that is created when you burn weed, vaping involves inhaling the vapor of heated THC concentrates. In comparison to smoking, vaping can be a much smoother experience because the vapors are usually not substantial enough to irritate your throat or fill your lungs. 

What is the Gas Gang Vape Pen?

The Gas Gang Vape Pen is a stylish vape pen that comes in several sizes. The most popular products are their Gas Gang disposable vape pens. The convenience of these products makes them very desirable for casual smokers who don’t want to keep equipment or those who desire the ability to get high quickly. 

Are Gas Gang Pens Safe?

Absolutely. Gas gang pens are a well-regulated mainstream brand. Unfortunately, many fake Gas Gang pens are being sold illicitly. If you want to avoid purchasing a knock-off Gas Gang pen, go with a trustworthy supplier, like Rocky Mountain Quads. We carry a variety of these products, and can guarantee you that each one is of the utmost quality. 

Other Gas Gang Products

Gas Gang may be known for their vape pens, but you should also consider trying some concentrates and edibles from this brand. They have a broad range of products in both of these categories, so you can definitely enjoy an assortment of different highs within this one brand. Whether you enjoy CBD, THC, or a combination of both, all of your cannabis needs can be fulfilled using Gas Gang products. 

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