The legalization of recreational marijuana use across Canada brought with it a more diverse market of increasingly potent products. In tandem with this diversity, systems were also established to regulate and rank marijuana products. The rating system used to judge the quality of cannabis products is known to many, but not all buyers are aware of how it works. 


Once you do learn, you will certainly be craving for some AAAA weed in Hamilton!

How Does Weed Grading Work?

There are several systems used to grade marijuana, but the A-AAAA system is known to be the most accurate and reliable in many markets. This system judges weed based on several metrics, giving the product a rating of A, AA, AAA, AAAA, or AAAAA. Here are the differences between each grade:

AA Grade

AA-grade weed is often referred to as “mids.” These products tend only to produce a sizable high in unseasoned smokers who have an incredibly low or nonexistent level of tolerance. Because it is effectively the lowest-grade weed available in most markets, expect the buds to be quite large but pack very little punch. The smell will likely be foul, it will almost certainly burn poorly, and there will be little potency. Still, for someone unfamiliar with cannabis and its effects, AA-grade marijuana may produce a decent high. 

AAA Grade

With AAA-grade weed, the quality is a step up from AA, but still lacking in some areas. Namely, AAA-grade weed may have a high potency, but offer lower satisfaction when it comes to burn quality and fragrance/aroma. When purchasing AAA-grade weed, ensure that you don’t have any expectation of enjoying the smoking experience. You will likely enjoy the high, but be prepared for stinky smoke and a tough time inhaling the smoke. 

AAAA Grade

People search for AAAA weed in Hamilton for a reason — AAAA weed is reasonably priced and offers exceptional quality. AAAA weed, also called Quads in some cases, are the first tier of premium weed. When you buy quads, expect a dank, pungent-smelling bud that produces a significant high. Inhaling it should be easy, and the potency is often top-class. 


This is the peak of the weed rating system. Buds that fall into this category are of exceptional quality and will deliver beyond what should be expected from AAAA-grade weed. Though, AAAAA-grade weed may come at a cost higher than the average smoker is willing to pay on a regular basis. For most, buying AAAA weed in Hamilton is far more sustainable. 

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